How to Connect a Smart TV with Roku Soundbar System?

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Connecting Soundbar

This question was often asked by many people that How To connected Roku com link TV With Soundbar? Who is having the problem to listen audio from the Roku TV. Roku TV is very famous streaming Device which will allow to you to see online video channels through the internet and the device. 

Even the sound quality from the TV will be good to listen to Roku TV although if you need to get the good quality sound than you need to buy the sound bar from the market  in your place. 

The reason behind that I’m talking about sound bar instead of speaker is that soundbar is not going to bother about wires in your place and you will get the good sound from the single bar. 

Which Soundbar Are Best in the Market

Now day in the market there are many sound bars available from different companies and different brands, but according to my experience the sound bars from boss and Roku are very popular and excellent in quality. You found many sound bars in the market for example you can buy the sound bar form the Samsung in the price. With sound bar you will get the best sound quality. 

If you are looking for the best soundbar  with good sound quality in the market and cause it will  not come under 300, but if you have the $300 budget then there and many sound bards in the market you can buy. 

Now let imagine that you have got the best sound bar according to your requirement and you had budget also for the same. Now you would want that you need to connect you Roku TV to that sound bar with the budget you had. You should know that this is not easy procedure if you are not aware about it. TV sound bar does’t have complicated procedure, but Roku TV has difficult procedure to hookup soundbar with the Roku TV. 

How to Hook Up Roku TV with Soundbar?

Firstly, you have to turn on your TV and press home button and go into the settings. Where you will see the option that audio has different things to access your sound, you will see that audio is tick checked or audio mode is tick checked, although still, it is not working.You have to go to the settings but doesn’t go into the audio instead to that, go into the system where you will see different options which you can access after select the option system. You have to go and select control another devices option and click on Arc HDMI 3.It will allow to you access your sound bar which you have hookup  with your Roku TV. If you do not follow this procedure, then you will not be able to connect to the sound from Sound Bar Even if you have bought the best soundbar for TV.Before connecting bar up this procedure, you have to check that you have attached soundbar to TV nicely and follow the guideline instruction.We have to follow this procedure on Roku Smart TV use the Smart Roku TV optical audio hookup with the soundbar.

When you hookup  Roku Streaming TV to TCL Roku Streaming TV Optical audio out then, you will be able to start the procedure which I have told you to connect the Sound Bar to Roku Steaming TV.You will get the best Roku Sound Bar audio quality with great effectiveness only if you got the best soundbar for TCL Roku Streaming TV.

Go for the Best in the Market

Do remember that if you buy the cheap soundbar for your  Roku Streaming TV, then you will not be able to get the good audio quality or great audio from your Roku Streaming TV even if you have the best  Streaming TV in the market.

You have to make sure that you have got the best Sound Bar and then hookup it with your Roku Streaming  TV. If you don’t have that much budget, and you have got the low price soundbar, then I will say that you are not going to get the output according to the acceptation you have.

If you will buy Roku sound bar than I will assure you that you will get good sound which you will not get with any surround sound speaker. You can mount your Roku soundbar any place you want. 


So now in the end of this article, I will say that go and buy the best thing in the market even if that is expensive because it will give you good output and long lasting life of that product. To get the sound bar for your Roku streaming TV, you have to google best soundbar in the price you can afford. 

In the last part of the conclusion of this article, I will say that go for the best thing in the market even if that is expensive because it will give you long life and the good output which you want. To get the Sound Bar for your Roku TV, you need to Google the best soundbars in the rates you can afford, and hopefully, you will get many options. any issue regarding link you can connect us.

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