Privacy Policy

By using our website,, the user hereby agrees to the terms of our privacy policy. This document contains information on how the website procures from and safeguards the information of its users. It also talks about the website’s policies in relation to other third-parties. 

Data collection collects data from its users if and only if they agree to take up the website’s services. Hence, users must at all cost provide information that is true and unambiguous. The website may collect personal information, payment information and device information. However, this is not a definitive list of information that the website may need. Impersonations or other legal repercussions will be dealt according to the prevailing laws.

Name and contact information

The website will obtain details such as the user’s first, last and middle names. In addition, the website’s representatives may also require the contact information of the user. This can an email id, the mailing address, contact number or all of the above. will use this information to communicate with the user however they deem fit.

Payment information

The payment information is necessary to process the users’ transactions with the website. The website will charge its users for its services and hence require payment information such as the credit card number. The information of this nature will remain highly confidential at any point in time unless the website wishes to take a legal action against a certain user.

Device information

The details regarding the user’s device such as the model number or its location is essential to provide service. Sometimes, the website’s representatives will connect remotely with your Roku device or your computer to aid in the troubleshooting process.

Error reports

Error reports of your Roku streaming player if any must be given to the representative handling the case. Only then, the website will able to provide the correct solution to the user’s query. Withholding such information from will lead to a faulty solution to the user’s query.

Cookies website makes use of cookies for various technical and ethical reasons. The use of cookies will only better the user experience with the website. Therefore, users must not block cookies of this website and thereby the user agrees to the website’s cookies usage.


Third-party companies and websites that use as their platform will hereon be referred to as Affiliates. Such affiliates may publish content and provide services through our website. The users must however go through the affiliate’s privacy policy and terms before availing their services. cannot be liable for the information and services available from these affiliates.