How to resolve bad picture Quality and frequent buffering while watching Video?

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To enjoy the best of Roku TV or Roku devices after you have successfully linked the devices on Roku Com Link online, the acceptable internet download speed should be 9Mbps and above. It is true for Roku, the faster the internet downloads speed, the better is the Video Quality.

How can we get good download speed?

This depends on what your internet service provider can deliver you. For some, in spite of having subscribed to a good download speed, the Video Quality can be still poor due to incorrect placement of Wi-Fi router. The lesser the number of thick walls, metal objects, microwave ovens and cordless phones between Wi-Fi router and your Roku device, you’ll get good signal.

Tips given below will help improve the Video download speed:

–           Try minimizing the distance between Roku TV or Roku device and Wi-Fi router.

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–           Few Wi-Fi router models supports dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz. So, if you enjoy such a router, try connecting to 5 GHz.

–           When your router supports only 2.4GHz band type, select 1, 6 or 11 radio channels to avoid channel interference. However, if your router supports 5GHz band type, it can provide 23 distinct channels that don’t overlap.

–           Check the number of devices using the same internet connection at the same time.

–           You can also try to adjust the router antennas.

–           If the Video download speed is still poor, try to power reset both the Wi-Fi router and Roku TV or Roku device by unplugging the power cable and reconnecting power cable after about 30 seconds.

–           Finally it is to check with the internet service provider.

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